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We have invested heavily throughout the years to bring our customers the benefits of multi-tasking machining technologies. Multi-tasking is the marriage of a high-powered turning center and a full-function machining center to produce parts in a single setup.  It works to eliminate multiple setups, fixtures, tools, handling and waiting time, which simply add to your manufacturing costs. In addition to delivering a higher quality product, our multi-axis equipment has drastically lowered manufacturing costs and shortened lead times for customers– from weeks to hours. From solid block to a finished product – all in a single setup.

Mazak Variaxis, 5-Axis Mill w/pallets
The highly-rigid, built-in tilting rotary table, allows components with complex contours and features to be finished in just a single machining setup. More importantly for our customers, they are able to get the same incredible quality while still reducing cycle time. We are dedicated to passing on any cost savings directly to our customers wherever possible.

Mazak Integrex 200 III ST, 5-axis

The Mazak Integrex is a true multi-tasking machine. It allows us to machine a part complete in a single setup. This means that we can drill, mill or turn on any plane, at virtually any angle, without needing to create multiple setups, fixtures or programs. In combination with precision quality that is unmatched, the Integrex allows us to machine at a much lower cost, and in a fraction of the time than they would take to machine traditionally.

Mazak PFH 4800, 4-Axis Horizontal Mill w/ pallet shuttling system

Mazak horizontal machining centers have been the workhorses for our customers’ small-medium-large lot production runs. The tombstone shuttling system allows us to load material while the machine is cutting material. This combined with live tool changing; our customers never bear the cost of unproductive time.

Nexus Quickturn, 5-Axis

The Mazak Nexus has the multi-tasking capability to perform milling and turning in a single setup. This gives us live tooling, dual spindles, and y-axis machining capabilities in addition to fast cycles. By multi-tasking we are now able to reduce setups, queue times, and the labor that is required to complete our projects.

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